Proactive Disclosure under Right to Information Act, 2005
(Section 4 (1) (b) )

Particulars of organization
Power and duties of its officers and employees
Decision making process
Norms for discharge of functions
Rules, regulations, instructions manual
Categories of documents held
Departments, Cells, Committees
Staff Directory
Monthly Remuneration
Disciplinary action
Public Information Officers under RTI
RTI Awreness Programmes
RTI Applications & Appeals
Transfer policy and transfer orders
CAG & PAC Paras

Information related to Procurement

Public Private Partnerships

Transfer Policy and Transfer Orders

RTI Applications

CAG & PAC Paras

Citizens Charter

Discretionary and Non-discretionary grants

Foreign Tours

Digital publication of proactive disclosure

Procedure followed in the decision-making processes

Norms set for the discharge of functions

Budget Allocation

Information, available to or held by in electronic form
Budget and Programme
Foreign and domestic tours
Subsidy programme
Discretionary & non-discretionary grants
Facilities For Citizen
Publicity Band Public interface
Information in e-format
Grievance redressal mechanism
Annual Return RTI
Completed Research Projects
Ongoing Research Projects
Citizen Charter
Information Disclosed own Initiative
Information as may be prescribed